• Cake Smash Prep Form

    I am so excited to help you and your family celebrate and capture this SPECIAL time in your little one's life! A Cake Smash session is so much fun!
  • Pre-Cake Smash

    Standard Portraits
  • Prior to the Smash, we will take standard portraits of your child. Please feel free to upload photos that include setups, backgrounds, and/or props you are interested in using that I have used in past sessions. If you already have outfits chosen, feel free to upload those as well. I do not provide outfits for the session, although I do have some girly rompers available for use should you choose.

  • Cake Smash Details

  • After standard portraits, we will take photos of your child with the cake smash setup just before introducing the cake. Please note, most children do not get overly crazy with the actual "smashing" of the cake. The new taste, bright colors, textures, and messiness of the whole situation can be a little overwhelming to some. I can assure you, we will get some fun shots no matter how your baby reacts to the cake! After the cake smash, I will prepare a small wash bucket with sensitive skin Mr. Bubbles bath for "tubby time" photos and to get your little one cleaned up. Please be sure to bring the following items to ensure a happy baby:

    1. Towel for after the tub.

    2. Puffs or another favorite snack. (If baby isn't interested in the cake, they love to go digging to find those puffs!)

    3. Extra Bottle in case baby needs a little break.

    4. Favorite toy(s)

    5. Consider offering your baby a cupcake around a week prior to your smash session. This will allow them to get used to the texture and flavor so they are not so shocked at your session.

  • Upload a photo of the outfit your child will wear for his/her cake smash. Please Feel free to upload examples of style or theme that you would like to share with me as well. If you Don't have a specific theme in mind, I will stylize the smash setup to coordinate with your childs outfit.

  • Please feel free to message me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/blpfortwayne), email me (brittany@brittanylynnphoto.com), or call/text 260.402.3054 if you have any questions.


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